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February 21, 2008, 6:54 pm
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Frankly, you must care about what others think. Not specifically of you, but of your ideas. And yes, specifically about you if you have to convince them that you’re “useful”.

Other than in math (which is special in that you can convince anyone of anything because of shared logical axioms), all other fields of knowledge have branches whose vigor is determined by how convincing their evidence is to their practitioners.

Arguments by probability must hold once arguments by certainty fail.

Moreover when you believe you act rationally and believe others appreciate that you act rationally or not, you have to ask some questions. Not everyone thinks too much. Those who don’t think too much are a lot less likely to take your arguments into full consideration and thus, it is often important to attach (addendums that make the argument appeal to human nature) along with your argument. Such addendums often convince people that “product x” is best for their needs. They are not fair as they give an advantage to those with the best understanding of human nature. Math is the only meritocratic system as it is based on shared axioms and is much less prone to abuse (relative to other fields) by people who have an uncanny talent for manipulating human nature (finding things that people react positively to).


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