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Behavioral measurement and artificial modification
April 1, 2008, 12:24 am
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So inspections can measure either intrinsic or artifically motivated behavior.

IQ tests can measure either intrinsic intelligence or artificially motivated IQ-test studying.

Knowledge tests can measure either intrinsic knowledge or knowledge gained artificially.


All three measurements are designed to test intrinsic qualities (inspections = rule conformance, IQ tests = intelligence, knowledge = breadth of knowledge). But all can be affected by behaviors artificially suited to affect results but not intrinsic qualities.

Getting answers for the test prior to the test may ensure that you get a 100%, but then the test fails to test the breadth of your intrinsic knowledge. Probabilistically, if you relied only on intrinsic knowledge, you would have to be *extremely* lucky to get extremely high marks on a test when you only know, say, 50% of the material and all of it happened to appear on the test (but not the other 50%). But most people do NOT encounter such situations.

Inspections: they must be unpredictable because if you intrinsically do something “undesirable”, then you face an increased risk of getting caught. But if you learn about inspection patterns ahead of time, then they end up sampling your artificially motivated behavior rather than your intrinsic behavior and such samples become useless.


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