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April 4, 2008, 7:15 pm
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One of the problems with libertarianism is that discrimination may be a “stable” strategy in a libertarian state. As in, when the government does not prevent private companies from discriminating, it’s possible for those companies to discriminate against the “colored”. Even though one argument in favor of the free market holds that companies have a natural interest in serving the “colored”, the problem is that oftentimes when discrimination is rampant, the “colored” are especially poor in which case such companies wouldn’t increase their profits by much if they alone tried to end discrimination (moreover it’s safe to say that the dominant group’s prejudices may make it less likely to go to a company that serves the “colored”). “Separate but equal” systems are a stable state because they provide services to all (while non-dominant persons who are bold enough to try to take advantage of the services exclusive to the dominant group would drive away members of the dominant group – thus potentially reducing profits for companies producing services to the dominant group. In this case the government may have to intervene. Moreover, people have an intrinsic propensity towards discrimination but they also have a propensity towards non-discrimination and mere exposure may make it more likely for some members of dominant groups to accept the presence of members of non-dominant groups (often when initially under non-intrinsic motivation-induced-by-observation)


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