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methodology vs. learning facts
April 6, 2008, 8:09 pm
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it’s kind of related to treating symptoms and treating the root causes

teaching kids to learn a subject through things like colorful posters and projects isn’t going to help them later (since they aren’t going to be designing colorful posters later). They may PRESENT what they’ve learned through posters, but those posters are likely to fall under the domain of computers, not handwriting.

Does it help them retain the info better than if they just learned the facts straight? There isn’t an iota of proof in it. And sure it might motivate some more than others, but that doesn’t justify forcing everyone in the same class to learn by the same means.

It’s possible that learning by that means could potentially help students learn by helping them do similar things that could help them in the future (transfer) but we can’t prove this

That being said though, there are some specific ways to help students learn info that ISN’T going to help them learn info later, but would at least help them learn VITAL information better than an approach that they would have to use later (but such an approach would be less aided)


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