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August 3, 2008, 3:13 am
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often, an advantage/disadvantage analysis carries fundamental unspoken assumptions – assumptions of coupling. just because things couple with each other in this environment doesn’t mean that they’ll always couple with each other, and some types of coupling are much more vulnerable to to different environments than other types of coupling. Couplings based on the demographic characteristics of ppl who share two totally divergent views – those couplings are especially vulnerable. meanwhile, there are some couplings that must follow from the fundamental laws of the universe.

most couplings in macroscopic social phenomenon, however, are generally vulnerable to different environments. example below.

okay, well living simply != reducing energy usage/money spent.

after all you can live off someone’s inheritance (where inheritance is non-monetary property) and save just as much energy/CO2, PLUS live non-simply.
also the ironic thing I guess is that people in manhattan contribute less net CO2 per capita than people in other cities. even though manhattan isn’t really simple – people are just more efficient there (e.g. higher population densities means less wasted on transportation or heating/lighting up near-empty rooms).


Yeah, I guess living simply is also compatible with living simply *at home* but with a gas-guzzling car that spews out lots of CO2 just because you live far away from civilization and must spew that CO2 out whenever you visit civilization.

the internet is weird cuz it’s both non-simple AND it might ultimately help reduce CO2 emissions (if you start replacing transportation costs with things you do online)”


August 1, 2008, 4:26 am
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blehhh this failed

– because i’m too lazy to effectively allocate attention between my blogs

– also because i come off as overly academic and uninteresting here. even if i’m less embarrassing here than my other blog.


sometime i’ll find a website to post all my interests on, I suppose.