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curiosity expansion?
April 30, 2009, 9:44 am
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so there are the moments in life when i feel listless and bored. certainly when i don’t have the energy or time to do anything intellectually stimulating, but also when i don’t want to squander away more time. so perhaps there are opportunities for me to explore my curiosity (or in other words, find new local (and even possibly global) maxima in search space.

and hm, maybe i’ll make a list of ways to explore it

– look up the author of each book i find interesting. if especially bored, google the author’s name

– look up the wikipedia, amazon, and other pages of such author

– look up the publisher or series of the book

– use a different OS (use different linux distros too), web browsers, applications, etc. dont do it too much (at least at the point where it starts to significantly compromise on one’s ability to get familiar with the program’s settings/programming language’s libraries/etc)

– learn a new language (cliche lolz. probably more desirable for non-info-geeks).

– wikipedia lists/categories. those are excellent.