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data sets i’d like to request sometime
June 13, 2009, 3:55 pm
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– # of scientists per year (for various countries)

– % of Soviet GDP directed towards science

for individual countries in time periods like WWII:

– % of GDP available to foreign occupier (an interesting question although highly variable – depends on leniency of surrender conditions and presence/absence of individual events that may trigger widespread resentment)

– % of population willing to fight/be drafted in war of foreign occupier

– political orientations of subnational entities (for example, are territories that border a potentially hostile nation more conservative? [inasmuch as conservatism is associated with pro-military/pro-security policies]


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It’s not conclusive, but it seems anecdotally that there is a tendency for “nationalist” types to be marginal members of their “nation”:

Adolf Hitler (Austrian citizen)
Napoleon (Corsican–not exactly a “nationalist” perhaps, but did try to conflate himself with the growing French identity)
C. Z. Codreanu (half German)
Francisco Franco (Galician; there is a probably untrue story that the first time he met Salazar they spoke in Portuguese/Gallego)
Josef Stalin (Georgian; of course he was a communist which is antithetical to nationalism but he managed to make Soviet communism a non-internationalist doctrine)
Charles Maurras (Provençal)

Of course there are counterexamples too:
Antonio Salazar himself,
Benito Mussolini,
Yukio Mishima,
Philippe Pétain,
José Antonio Primo de Rivera (can’t get much less marginal than that)

And of course, whom am I choosing to include here? It’s a bit sloppy. But it’s all preliminary.

Comment by Dasein36

Thanks for the list of people. It might be quite useful. The next thing is to take the ratio of people who are marginal+nationalist over people who are non-marginal+nationalist (of course it would take some time to make one) and then to compare it to a control group of marginals to non-marginals. This may produce an interesting ratio.

Comment by inquilinekea

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