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working memory
January 2, 2010, 10:02 pm
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science tests generally show that most g-related measurements (like working memory) increase up to age 14 and then decline. Also, the size of the brain grows until age 14 and then starts shrinking (I would think that it shrinks slowly at first and then at faster rates once one grows older)

What I find interesting is the digit span test. here, we see that young chimpanzees outperform college students. This is one of the tests where abilities increase up to age 5ish and then decline.

Other g-related measurements also increase to a certain age and then decrease. The age of peak measurement might vary according to test.

So this brings up a lot of questions. First of all, why do some of them peak out at very young ages? (aka why do they decline so early?) Surely it’s before the impact of aging-related effects.


Anyways, there are a bunch of g-factors for a lot of things. You can make them as specific or as general as you want to. Like, g-factors for RTS games, FPS games, all games, sports, etc. Some of these g-factors are formed of more malleable components than the g-factors of IQ tests; other g-factors are formed of more heritable components than the g-factors of IQ tests. Many also show a peak at a certain age, and then a decline.


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