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January 6, 2010, 8:52 am
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so one thing ive always wondered: in pharmacology, is the dose/mg really valid? this assumes that the extra cells (fat or muscle cells) have equal uptake of the drug as all other cells do, AND that blood vessel growth is proportional to weight growth. but i dont think this assumption is totally valid. more fat might spring up new blood vessels, but what is the extra volume of all these blood vessels? well, fat tends to grow on “layers”. fat tends to distribute itself throughout the periphery of the body, so the blood vessel networks on the outer periphery have more surface area to unit volume? (as in, it’s the sort of thing that has a high surface area to volume ratio). so that would make blood vessels from fat cells act in a way that overrepresents the blood vessel growth from fat growth. of course there is an opposite trend too – the blood vessels from new fat cells are just new blood vessels, but they’re not major new blood vessels – there’s a fixed amount of blood vessel mass in every person of some arbitrary height.

there’s another assumption to – that new blood vessel growth will trigger the production of plasma + blood cells that increases in proportion to increased blood vessel growth


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