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March 11, 2010, 11:28 pm
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which methods of archival do u use wrt deleted websites?

and deleted topics/posts/threads/anything?

i have lots of techniques. google cache, firefox cache (make sure to go on offline mode!) [or even use multiple instances of reload every, although i dont do that], boardreader, caches from MSN and Yahoo (tho they rarely work), sometimes, lazarus formrecovery, and clipcache (I often copy/paste things). and i’ve gotten used to the practice of saving things instead of bookmarking them. which i am so glad of doing, whenever i look at, say, the bookmarks i made in 2006.

of course, if i anticipate that a site may be deleted soon, i quickly use downthemall or winhttrack (whatever is more convenient). though robots.txt is much more common than it used to be which makes winhttrack useless for a lot of them. but then i created a program that concatenates topic indexes (after using the batch processing feature of downthemall to save an entire list of topics) so then i can use downthemall on the entire concatenated forum and then save every thread that has ever existed.

of course renaming masks are important. but *name*.*ext* and *text*.*ext* have seemed sufficient for everything so far.

2010 allows for archival through iMacros. It can go through the Javascript that httrack/downthemall can’t automatically click on. and it also can go through password protected webpages that httrack is usually bad at getting through. the issue is deep mirroring though (it can probably mirror things one at a time but not simultaneously).


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