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rarely trusting official advice
April 15, 2010, 6:22 am
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So I rarely put much trust in the advice that “official websites” give. More informal places, like College Confidential (although the mods are making it more formal, and possibly less useful), provide far more useful information than any college admissions officer is willing to give They must be politically correct (in that they must cater to all interests), which makes them only give the obvious advice. Having lots of extracurriculars is “politically correct” for some reason, and so every college urges each student to get them. Working hard in school is also “politically correct”, even though a student may do much better if he sacrifices grades for competitions (it should be noted that some professors in grad school *do* say that sacrificing grades for research is a good idea, but rarely will the “official” grad school advice websites say that).

With federal government websites, it’s often worse. Following the USDA food pyramid is an excellent way to become diabetic (the bottom of the food pyramid = diabetes-inducing foods). Meat is completely unnecessary for a healthy diet. But the USDA has to cater to the farm and pig interests. It does this to be “politically correct”. Now, the USDA certainly isn’t catering to the vegetarian interests. But “politically correct” simply means that it caters to whatever interests seem to hold more influence. After all, there are always people who oppose whatever happens to be “politically correct”, but their voices do not hold as much influence.


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