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May 25, 2010, 3:35 pm
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when describing someone’s judgment, you’re often describing his qualities that can’t easily “fit” under any other quality.

but what are those qualities?

– whether he has a significance threshold – if he discerns/identifies (aka judges) the things that are more relevant than others. often relevant as people have to deal with being contacted about things that may be outside his jurisdiction, in which he must possess the judgment to forward the message to another person P2 who holds jurisdiction over how to deal with the message
– basic time management/ability to prioritize. while this is also highly dependent on a not-easily-malleable self-control, judgment is often just as important, if not more important
– propensity of not getting into trouble
– knowing when to act, when not to act, and when to act to a limited extent while contacting others who may be more qualified to act in the case. this is similar to “knowing what you know and knowing what you don’t know”. or self-awareness
– quickly identifying situations before they arise and setting up the situation’s environment in a way such that one is well-prepared to deal with it later even if one runs into obstacles or if one isn’t able to focus as well on the problem for whatever reason. e.g. realizing that one may have times when one has attention lapses and trying to set up the problem in a way such that one can solve it with near-perfect accuracy even when one is tired/groggy/has attention lapses. or being prepared if the object breaks or if one needs more time than originally thought
– resistance to common cognitive biases (list on wiki)
– having a good sense of “effectiveness” (or having a good sense of predicting the outcome of the action and of how predicting the limitations of one’s predictions) and of how “effectiveness” can change if one acts earlier or later
– performing all of the above without “unreasonable” amounts of dependence on others, and without investing “unreasonable” amounts of time


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