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May 25, 2010, 3:56 pm
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highly successful people of low-conscientiousness are often paradoxically more restrictive in what they do (and often more asocial) than the highly successful of higher-conscientiousness. ones with low-conscientiousness are often carried away by things like computer games, facebook, IM, and forums. so they oftentimes must completely banish themselves from the above activities (which often makes them look even more conscientious to outside observers)

(you can also replace low-conscientiousness with “prone to ADD”)

those with high intelligence probably have very high variance in the amount of work they put in. on the one hand, they often recognize that putting in work is often necessary for desirable social outcomes given the constraints of the school environment (and they are more likely to identify those outcomes as desirable). and some of them also find work so rewarding (since they don’t have to struggle with it as much) that they end up putting in extra effort. but on the other hand, they often need to spend less time to do the same amount of work as others, and this often results in less time spent on work (especially if they realize that there are other ways of getting a desirable social outcome)


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