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July 1, 2010, 11:39 pm
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how does performance correlate with effort?

technically it’s just a function of efficiency. But we can definitely analyze efficiency. (a) Sometimes efficiency is 0. (b)Sometimes efficiency is 0 *and* the person learns something that might be useful (but still ends up not performing any better). (c) And then efficiency can be > 0.

(b) is often common in math assignments and programming assignments. and essays too.

math assignments: it’s easy to see why. you chose the wrong approach. or you dont know how to really solve the problem. in either case you might learn some skills that might be useful later.

in essays, you can spend hours and hours researching the topic and still get absolutely nothing done because you chose the wrong main point at first. if your main point sucks, you might want to change your main point. but that is often difficult when you’ve already spent so much effort in researching your main point. but you might learn a few things about defending your arguments well (in fact, it takes better arguments to defend poorly chosen main points, although sometimes this results in considerable loss of intellectual honesty (aka creating BS).

programming assignments: sort of a mix between essays and math assignments


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