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14 July, 2010 18:06
July 14, 2010, 6:06 pm
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What’s the value of a forum, anyways? Especially if it’s one of many forums on a certain subject?

I was lucky in choosing age of kings heaven as one age of empires 2 forum out of many. It wasn’t necessarily the obvious choice back when I was active there, but now I realize that I was lucky. Now it’s influence is higher than any other age of empires 2 website (simply since all the other ones have died and their archives have permanently vanished). But also because the community, for whatever reason, happens to be more intelligent than the communities of many others. As TheShadowDawn once remarked, it was a community of mostly amateur players. But this community of mostly amateur players resulted in a community of fun (the forum parties at Agincourt) rather than of competition.

And why do I go to physics forums, among all other science forums? This is harder to justify. Physics Forums is obviously the first that came, and the most active among them. But I certainly wonder if there is a more non-arbitrary criteria for me to go there.

Of course, also, there’s forums vs IRC.

There’s no reason not to go to several different forums. But when one is not heavily engaged in the forum, one pretty much "defaults" to the default forum that one has always gone to.


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