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1 November, 2010 00:20
November 1, 2010, 12:20 am
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okay, I’m going to comment on something.

Gustave Gilbert once compiled a list of the IQs of Nazi leaders who were indicted in the Nuremberg Trials. The IQs are listed on a easily-googleable wikipedia page. Anyways, he does make adjustments to each leader’s IQ based on age (i.e. he predicts someone’s IQ at his mental peak, so a 70 year old’s raw scores would translate into a higher IQ than a 20 year old’s raw scores). The problem with this reasoning is that fluid IQs don’t decline at similar rates. Some people decline faster than others. It’s affected by mental exercise and overall health. So someone might be at the 95th percentile in intelligence among fellow 70-year olds, but he might have been at, say, the 70th percentile in intelligence when he was 35. Anyways, I think this is something that deserves more invesgiation.


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