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List of my more intelligent/insightful threads
November 20, 2010, 3:42 pm
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Most of these threads are about educational systems. Bear in mind that some of my old posts are intensely embarrassing. Anyways, you don’t have to agree with these posts – as long as they stimulate discussion and thought – it’s okay.

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Some of the best threads:
Cheap college programs (like the Humanities) subsidize expensive ones (like medicine)
If the education bubble collapses, will it be the end of “blue skies research”?
Abolish the SAT – article explains that SAT I measures nothing SAT IIs can measure
Homeschooling + Polyphasic sleep (or modafinil) – Very crazy idea, and I wouldn’t advocate it anymore. But it still has some points (you can actually do a lot by using the extreme case to motivate the development of a less extreme case)
Poor men are finding it increasingly difficult to date (income disparity)
The future sustainability of AoKH/HG (me posting as Pauken)

Old Academy Forum Posts (many, many interesting ideas)

List of intelligent/insightful threads I’ve commented on:

MIT Admissions Have Become A Complete Joke (*huge* thread started by a troll – best discussion is in the middle).
Is college becoming harder or easier as the decades pass?
My take on why you don’t really have to be a genius to get a PhD in physics

Heavengames threads (must register to view): Few things are more embarrassing than checking my old threads in the KoRT archive.
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Interesting threads:
Caltech class sizes and the “Rule of 150

Threads with potential (but didn’t get good discussion):
have you noticed that improvements in writing skills often seem to saturate?
Is understanding one branch of math conducive to understanding another?
Time Perception – YES, IT IS SUBJECTIVE
Some others:

Crazy ideas:
Why do people sleep on beds?

Meh threads:

InquilineKea’s Guide to Self-Studying a Course
Basin of Attraction Theory
Master List of EPGY/Multivariable-Related Links
Alternatives to Coursework as Means of Demonstrating Knowledge
People should be able to earn credit toward college degrees by taking standard tests
Have you seen obvious discrepancies between a person’s ambitions and…
How quickly do you get emotionally attached to someone?
Teacher attitudes towards skipping courses
Systemizing/Empathy/Autism Quotient Tests
Why do people play the same maps over and over again? (AoKH)
Scientists with low IQs
Is object oriented programming unnecessary for scientific applications?
Which fields have the longest solutions to problems?

Random surveys on interesting subjects:
Do you have friends with anyone in the bottom half of your class?
Poll: What math sequence were you in for school?


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