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24 May, 2011 20:36
May 24, 2011, 8:36 pm
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Well, truth is, a lot of things cost money because you have to motivate people to do them.

But once you bring in robots (or cyborg animals – yes – they *do* exist, and may be FAR cheaper because they can reproduce and sustain themselves), you don’t have to keep paying them to do work, and the cost of extracting resources is only limited to the cost of building them/keeping them alive/fueling them. In other words, you can get them to pick up all sorts of random scraps (or to dig through garbage heaps)


2 May, 2011 21:29
May 2, 2011, 9:29 pm
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we need a better way to measure grit

grit – is persistence and determination.

but yet, what if one is uneven? one can have grit that can fail for a SINGLE week. this can result in the COMPLETE failure of an ENTIRE quarter. but in the long-scheme of things, if you fail for a single week, you haven’t lost much at all.

i don’t think that anyone can deny that i have grit, if they look at my transcript. rather, my unevenness is what’s obvious in my transcript. the thing is, i don’t think any researcher has managed to disentangle the evenness of someone’s grit. I can be determined to do something over the timescale of years, and ultimately reach it (whereas others would give up – yes – including those who can retain an amazing consistency in “grit” for a quarter, without ever wavering. But I am very capable of failing more than others are, even though I would eventually succeed if given more time.

In other words… It’s ENTIRELY possible that PersonA has the grit to do something for 6 years, even if he may not have the grit to carry it CONSISTENTLY for 3 months without breaks. Meanwhile, personB may have the grit to CONSISTENTLY do it for 2 years (WITHOUT breaks), but be without the grit to carry it on for 6 entire years.

And of course, the question is, which matters more for success? Truth is, that personB’s style makes the person more vulnerable to burnout. It’s also a common style among those who feel pressured, but this often hurts creativity

thing is, people often DO plan out breaks. But the thing is, it really is often difficult to anticipate when you need a break. You generally need breaks when you hit dead-ends, after all, and it’s impossible to project when you’ll hit a dead-end.