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Common (and possibly untrue) assumptions

– just because you explained the reasons behind why you did something (and the reasons really were legit) doesn’t mean that people will believe your explanations, give a charitable interpretation of them, or even try to read them. once the story’s out, many people will *never* want to change their minds about you

– if you make a cultural reference that someone understands, they might not mention that they understand it (for a variety of reasons). of course, agreeable people are more likely to mention their understanding of them.

– just because you make a good (insightful) forum post doesn’t mean that people will respond to it (in fact, they respond to insightful posts a SMALL minority of the time). just think about all the insightful posts made by forumers like pellaeon or fwiffo or whatever – and see how few of the good ones elicit replies. the longer *best* posts, in fact, often elicit the fewest replies.

– Neurotoxicity and downregulation

Many untrue impressions are overestimations of the extent of coupling. When in reality, things aren’t as closely coupled as they seem.

– The coupling between ATP and the  proton gradient (in oxidative phosphorylation) for example. Most of the time, it works. But when you have a lot of thermogenic proteins (often in brown fats), or if you take 2,2-dinitrophenol, then you effectively decouple the release of ATP from the proton gradient across the membrane.

– Or the coupling between intelligence and consciousness. You can be intelligent without consciousness. Ant colonies are remarkably intelligent (as are slime mold) even though neither possess consciousness


Well, you could say that coupling is a correlation. Well, yes, correlations are a subset of all cases of coupling. In the *above* cases, it’s difficult to measure a real correlation. You could increase the correlation simply by expanding the size of one group relative to the other (for example, increase the number of intelligent unconscious entities relative to the number of intelligent conscious entities)


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HDL/LDL are lipoproteins – they’re NOT different types of cholesterol

the sun does not blow up nor does it collapse on itself. it simply photoionizes its outer layers away (which gravity can no longer hold in anymore)

Comment by inquilinekea

people systematically overestimate acute toxicity and underestimate chronic toxicity

people also systematically overestimate chances of being murdered/raped (or anything coming from other humans that ends up in national news), and underestimate chances of car accidents or natural disasters

Comment by inquilinekea

creativity being manifest primarily through art. No, not necessarily. Good creativity requires good judgment.

Is there judgment in literary creativity? Yes. You have a good sense of judgment with respect to what *really* appeals to the audience

Comment by inquilinekea

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