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General thoughts on applying to places

be they summer programs, jobs, etc…

– facebook the place’s page. and seriously, PM/email some people who are in there. generally try to make sure that it seems like you’re only PMing one specific person, since that can result in intensive advice+help from a single person (otherwise diffusion of responsibility takes place and people will assume someone else has helped you). sometimes this can actually lead to a good friendship
– make sure that you don’t use cliches in your essays. make sure that your essays are backed up by CONCRETE actions. if you must convince them of something you haven’t done, try to show them that you’ve done something else that demands equal or higher ability to what they’re looking for. also make sure that you know what they’re looking for (look for skills they have high demand + low supply for).
– remember that they’re making a decision based on incomplete information. some people will fail out, and some people will be mediocre. other people will excel. if they have experience with certain groups of people who have done well in the place at rates approaching 100%, then they’ll be more likely to take you and not risk it on someone else
– and make sure you don’t look like someone with potential of failing out or even worse, spoiling the place’s reputation (by, say, committing suicide).
– make sure your name (on google) doesn’t contain too much embarrassing information
– some email addresses can sound like they come from one with genuine interest
– list things you’re specifically interested in. show them that you’ve done some research on them. but make sure your essay is about yourself and not about them.
– try to datamine the deep web. not just what is googleable. more info on “internet” section


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quoted: “””‘Blunderbuss’ CVs that splat out everything a candidate has achieved since exiting the womb get tossed very quickly. We know you’re canvassing, and will instantly surmise that you’re lacking attention to detail. It’s often said that you just need to tailor the cover letter – but from experience I would strongly advise you tailor the CV heavily as well.”””

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