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Other General Life Tips/Social Tips

Okay, so if you got rejected or left out – just make a list of everyone else who got rejected/left out too. Most likely, there will be some of them who you highly respect too

if you have to pay $4 for 1 hour of work saved, then it’s totally worth it if you can do a clinical/psychology trial that pays you $10/hour – and that’s generally a lower limit for the psychology trials that carry zero risk – some of the clinical trials are still super low risk [they just seem high-risk to uneducated laymen] and pay even better

alternatively, even if you have to pay $4 for each hour of work saved, it can still be totally worth it if you playtest a video game *and* then resell the free prize you won [or the money you made] for an effective value of over $15 per hour used up on that video game (which is definitely an option in the Seattle area)

parents pissed off and demand something of you? if possible, tell them that you need time to do things. chances are high that they’ll be less pissed off a day from now when you have the opportunity to do it for them (unless you deal with truly weird parents who are statistically less likely to be pissed off if they’re demanding something from you ). anyways, since they’re most likely less pissed off, they’ll most likely demand less from you and might even forget their demands (it actually does happen, especially when they try to demand you to do things that they are willing to do themselves, but which they make you to do “build your character”)


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