Simfish/InquilineKea's Thoughts

what drives me to do the things i do?

the childhood-like sense of finding surreal-ness out of new things.

like this: how i felt when i first moved to seattle, about how things were
so surreal for me and everything. going north in i-405 for the first
time, seeing the majesty of bellevue (seriously, no surburb in the
denver metro has a downtown),  and everything..

you know, one of the things that seemed so surreal when i moved to
washington: the names of things. issaquah, nisqually, puyallup, all
the salmon names, etc etc etc…

they’re all native american names. and so surreal. it really makes me
feel like my imagination has been expanded.

the street names were also pretty surreal. you had all the NE and SE
parts of streets. and then major streets went out to 148th, 156th,
even into the 200s. you never really saw those street names in denver
(there, streets only went up to 160th street once you reached boulder


other surreal experiences:

– discovering aokh for the first time

– discovering msn gaming zone and online multiplayer (ants) for the first time.

– playing age of empires ii

– simcity. and all those sim games

– maybe visiting the university of washington a lot for the first time

– high school (when i still took classes as a junior high student)

– 16 year old girls (lol) [at the time, anyways]

– when my parents drove me all over colorado and washington. i loved the street signs and what they said and also the cities and their populations.

– maybe the first year of school (for each new school i went to)

-astronomy books (black holes)


what were my most important discoveries from year to year?

2001: AoKH

2003: physicsforums (not really impressive back then, but I was impressed that both cow_gone_mad and Brad_Ad23 from AoKH went there)

2004: collegeconfidential

2005: facebook

2009: discovering that natalinasmpf was actually male (and galoisien on cc)

2010: askReddit


also, why do i like astronomy? maybe it’s the way the data structures are organized. and do i look for general or specific? the general is really interesting (e.g. theoretical physics and theoretical cosmology). but due to various emotional attachments, the specifics can also be quite interesting (each and every moon, each and every planet, altair, betelgeuse, all those other individual bright sky stars, everything. )


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