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an interesting “paradox”
April 30, 2011, 7:01 pm
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smart people are better at distinguishing the "gems" from the "bullshit" in less credible sources. In less credible sources, you can find real gems that you can’t find anywhere else (because there will be ideas that haven’t been well-researched or confirmed). But at the same time, they *look* stupid whenever they read the less credible sources because it’s usually only the less intelligent who even believe in most of the things that are less credible. of course, "less credible" is open to interpretation. a place like or autoadmit looks "uncredible" to the unguided observer. but both sites also contain true gems that you really can’t find on any more "legit" site


16 April, 2011 13:06
April 16, 2011, 1:06 pm
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Wow, I’m so amazed.

I entertained an alternative hypothesis about something, and everything fell into place.

The sad thing is that it took me THIS long to entertain it. and it was NOT a difficult hypothesis to entertain at all. Yet, it just conflicted with some WEIRD belief of mine, a belief that wasn’t EVEN strong. The truth is, that I eventually assumed the STRONGER version of the belief – the version i was more reluctant to accept (and ALSO the version that was more absurd to begin with – i was also
EMBARRASSED to believe that i could think or even BELIEVE such thoughts). this stronger version then later turned into a WEAKER version of the same hypothesis (by WEAKER, I mean that the basic ASSUMPTIONS of it were weaker). And everything then really DID fall into place. I need to note this. Damn it, this could explain one reason why crazier people CAN be more creative. you know, crazy things like dyson spheres and all that. EVEN the discovery of benzene’s chemical structure may have started out with a brief attempt to simply entertain that extremely crazy hypothesis.